Revision of Dates for Nomination of Candidates for Local Government Councils Elections 2020-2021

Demarcation of Parliamentary Constituencies and Other Activities Related to the Roadmap for 2020/2021 General Elections

As part of the preparations for the conduct of the 2020/2021 General Elections, the Electoral Commission released a detailed Roadmap on 11th December 2018. The Roadmap, which was shared with all stakeholders in the electoral process, formed the basis for the overall planning and budgeting for the General Elections.

Since the release of the Roadmap in 2018, and the issuance of a Revised Roadmap on June 16th 2020 in response to COVID-19, Parliament of Uganda has created a number of new units as follows:

  1. Forty-six (46) new Counties;
  2. Ten (10) new cities;
  3. One (1) new district;
  4. Five (5) Parliamentary seats for Older Persons; and,
  5. Prescription of 353 constituencies for the 11th Parliament.

Please note that Government also created one hundred and sixty-eight (168) new Town Councils/Sub Counties after our cut-off date for creation of election areas.

For purposes of absorbing the above new creations into the General Elections 2020/2021, the Electoral Commission has had to make revisions to the electoral Roadmap to provide for the demarcation of Local Government Electoral Areas and Re-organisation of Polling Stations in the affected parishes/wards in the 168 (one hundred and sixty-eight) new Town Councils and Sub Counties located in various parts of Uganda.

The purpose for demarcation of Local Government Electoral Areas is to clearly define the areas of representation for Directly Elected Councilors and Women Councilors.

Furthermore, in accordance with Article 63(2) of the Constitution, the Electoral Commission has to conduct the demarcation of the three hundred and fifty-three (353) Constituencies were prescribed by the Parliament of Uganda on 30th July 2020, in accordance with Article 63(1).

The Commission has embarked on various processes that will culminate in the field activities for the demarcation of Parliamentary Constituencies and Local Government Electoral Areas and Re-organisation of Polling Stations in the affected entities, that will be concluded by 3rd September 2020.

The above activities will involve undertaking preparatory field work, processing data and re-aligning some of the electoral activities under the Roadmap.

As a result, the period for nomination of candidates for Local Government Council Elections, has been revised from the earlier dates of 7th – 17th September 2020, to new dates of 21st September – 1st October 2020.

The Commission calls upon on all stakeholders in the electoral process to carefully study the changes and to participate in accordance with the timelines and guidelines issued for the respective activities.

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Friday, August 14, 2020