Human Resource Management


  • Attracting Staff
  • Improve on performance management at various levels, 
  • Recruiting Staff 
  • Maintaining Staff 

This is done through training to improve on performance management at various levels. A policy is already in place to build staff competency through training. 

Maintaining of staff is done through provision of various incentives and other motivating packages. The Department also engages in coaching and mentoring staff and provides counseling on career and other staff development matters. 

  • Exiting Staff 

HRM is mandated with the task of ensuring that retiring or resigning employees leave in good standing. 

HRM Department is also mandated to ensure fairness and equity in the administration of employee salaries and benefits. 

The Department also provides advice to the Commission on human resource matters in order to ensure proper implementation of policies and procedures. 


This is the center where information in form of letters, etc, on various subjects is received and arranged for storage in a systematic manner. The Central Registry falls directly under the Human Resource Management Department. 

It is called the Central Registry in order to differentiate it from the other two registries in the Electoral Commission, namely the Election Management Department Registry and Voter Data Registration Department Registry. 

The Electoral Commission Central Registry (ECCR) was started in July 1995 under the Uganda Constitutional Review Commission, with one file titled Constituency Assembly. Since then, the Registry has expanded and contains subject/personal/open and confidential files. 

The Central Registry has recorded and stored documents from the Commission for the Constituent Assembly (CCA), the Interim Electoral Commission (IEC) and the (permanent) Electoral Commission, which are categorized as active, semi-active and inactive records. 

Future plans include establishment of customized records center where all closed files (from the CCA, IEC etc) can be arranged systematically for easy retrieval. 

As the Commission continues with its work, the Central Registry appeals for more co-operation between the (Registry) users and records managers to ensure improvement of registry functions. Back ....

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