21/03/2016: Election of Youth MP for Easter Region

The Electoral Commission has appointed 23rd – 24th March 2016 as the period for convening the Regional Meeting for election of Youth Representative to Parliament for Eastern Region.

Electoral College

​The regional meeting shall be held at the YMCA Conference and Training Centre, Jinja Branch.

The Electoral College for electing the Youth Representative in Parliament shall be the members of the District Youth Councils within the Eastern Region, specifically consisting of the following:

  1. District Youth Committees (9 members per district) within the region;
  2. Chairperson of each Sub county/Division/Municipality/Town Youth Council within the region;
  3. Secretary for Finance at the Sub county/Division/Municipality/Town Youth Council;
  4. Secretary for Women Affairs of every Sub county/Division/Municipality/Town Youth Council;
  5. One Youth with Disability (PWD) at District level;
  6. Two (2) student representatives from each district within the region, one of whom shall be female, nominated by the Uganda National Students’ Association (UNSA);

Members of the Electoral College are required to report to YMCA Conference and Training Centre, Jinja Branch, on 23rd March 2016 for registration.

In order to ease the identification process, members are advised to carry introductory letters and identification documents, namely the National Id Card, Voter Locater Slip, or Voter Number.

Please note that aspiring candidates for election of the Representative of Youth in Parliament must fulfill the minimum requirements for nomination for election of a Member of Parliament.


Eng. Dr. Badru M. Kiggundu

Chairperson, Electoral Commission

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Monday, March 21, 2016