Planning and Research

1. Generate Planning and Research awareness and coordination of planning and research activities in mobilizing materials, human and financial resources; 
2. Integrate the department work plans and develop tools to increase effectiveness for the management of election activities; 
3. External environment and development and assesses its potential impact on the Commission and raise the concern of the Commission integration in overall national planning framework; 
4. Initiate strategic plans of action to suit every election scenario in order for the Commission to attain a state of election readiness; 
5. Prepare election work plans to guide the Commission and keep the Commission focused for the planned elections, bye-elections and referenda as may be required by law and ensure strict adherence of all programmed activities and deadlines; 
6. Provide the Commission with innovative fact-finding capabilities for investigating breach of electoral laws, most of which are civil in nature and provide timely reports for correction thereafter; 
7. Research and update the Commission Resource Center for the users; 
8. Produce reports on activities during elections, bye-elections and referenda; 
9. Initiate and review the formulation of election related policies and programmes; Develop appropriate records management systems and procedures; 
10. Undertake research and collect data useful for planning purposes publish reports in past elections and referenda for the improvement of performance during subsequent elections; 
11. Monitor and evaluate implementation compliance of Commission policies and planned activities using performance indicators and report on their progress for the necessary action by the Commission; 
12. Liaise with other electoral agencies and acquire relevant information resources and sample materials for the improvement of the operations of the Commission; 

The Electoral Commission Information and Resource Center (ECIRC)

The main objective of setting up ECIRC is to acquire, process, store, and make available election related information resources to the various stakeholders in democracy. 

Target Group/Beneficiaries:
The Center serves the people who have interest in the field of elections and democracy, including Parliamentarians, EC staff, judiciary, researchers and academicians, private and public practitioners. 

Current services offered include study/reading facilities, limited lending service, limited sales of Commission publications, on-site consultation, reference services, a bulletin board to create awareness, news paper indexing and clipping, Interlibrary lending request (referral services) for information not available at ECIRC but available at other places.

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