EC Concludes Display of the National Voters' Register

The Display of the National Voters’ Register ends today, Tuesday 10th March 2020, at all polling stations countrywide.

The Display exercise commenced on Wednesday 19th February 2020 at all the 34,344 polling stations in the country. The Commission further designated 19th – 28th February 2020 as the period for display of Voters’ Registers for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), namely, the Youths, Persons with Disability (PWD), and Older Persons at Village level. That exercise ended as well.

There shall be no extension of the Display exercise.

Following the conclusion of the Display, the Commission shall now proceed to display the lists of all persons recommended for deletion or inclusion by the Tribunal from the National Voters’ Register, for a period of ten (10) days, that is, from 11th to 20th March 2020 at each respective Parish/Ward Headquarter. The purpose of this exercise is to enable the public to scrutinize the above lists and any person who may have been wrongly recommended for deletion or inclusion to raise an objection to the Parish/Ward Tribunal.

The Parish/Ward Tribunal shall consider and make the final decision concerning the recommendations for inclusion, deletion, or correction made by the public. After the Parish Tribunal process, the Commission will collect all the data for preparation of the final National Voters’ Register in time for conducting the first cycle of elections under the General Elections Roadmap, namely, Elections of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Committees (Youths, Persons with Disability and Older Persons), which are scheduled for April 2020.



Tuesday, March 10, 2020