Guidelines for Polling for Formation of PWDs Committees

These guidelines shall apply to elections of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) Electoral Structures/Committees at:

  • Village/Zone/Cell;(i)         
  • Parish/Ward ;(ii)  
  • Subcounty/Town/Municipal Division;(iii)     
  • Municipality/ City Division; and (iv)
  • District/City.(v)    

Laws applicable to the Elections of PWDs Electoral Structures/Committees:

  • The 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, as amended;(a)   
  • The Electoral Commission Act, CAP 140;(b)
  • The Political Parties and Organizations Act, 2005, as amended;(c)    
  • The Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005, as amended;(d)      
  • The local Government Act, CAP 243; and(e)           
  • The National Council for Disability Act (NCDA), 2003, as amended and attendant regulations.(f)         

Person With Disability is a person with substantial functional limitations of daily life activities caused by physical, sensory or mental impairment and environmental barriers. (Section 2 of NCDA)

The PWD Electoral Structures/Committees elections and these guidelines shall apply to every person with disabilities aged at least 18 years, resident and willing to be a member of a Village PWD Electoral Structure/Committee in the village of residence as at the cut-off (last day) of Update of the Voters’ Register/Registration.

The members of the PWD Committee shall be elected by the members of the PWD Electoral Structures/Committees from among their number.

A person shall not be a member of more than one PWD Electoral Structure/Committee.

Where a person is elected to a higher PWD Electoral Structure/Committee, his or her office in the lower PWD Electoral Structure/Committee shall fall vacant and another person shall be elected in his/her place.

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