25/02/2016 Polling Dates for Various Positions in the 2016 General Elections

Polling Dates for the Various Elective Positions in the 2016 General Elections

The Electoral Commission has appointed the dates below for various elections under the programme for 2016 General Elections:


Elective Position

Polling Date


Regional Delegates’ Conferences for Election of Regional Youth Members of Parliament 

28th – 29th February 2016


Chairpersons, Directly Elected Councilors and Women Councilors for Municipality and Kampala Capital City Divisions

2nd March 2016


Councilors for PWDs, Older Persons and Youth to District Councils and Kampala Capital City Authority

3rd March 2016


Election of Representative of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in Parliament

3rd March 2016


PWDs, Older Persons and Youth Councilors to Municipalities and Kampala Capital City Divisions

4th March 2016


National Delegates Conference for Election of Female Youth Member of Parliament 

6th – 7th March 2016


Chairpersons, Directly Elected Councilors & Women Councilors for Municipal Division, Sub County & Town Councils;

9th March 2016


PWDs, Older Persons and Youth Councilors to Municipal Division, Sub County and Town Councils

10th March 2016

Please note that the law governing the election of Representatives of Workers to Parliament was amended. However, some of the new provisions pose operational challenges which require further consultation with stakeholders to implement them, for example, the consideration of non-unionised workers to participate in the elections.

The Electoral Commission will update all stakeholders on the progress of these consultations, and issue guidelines and date(s) for the elections in due course.

The Commission calls on all voters to turn up in big numbers and exercise their constitutional right to elect their leaders at various elections positions.

Eng. Dr. Badru M. Kiggundu

Chairperson, Electoral Commission

Friday, February 26, 2016