23/12/2015: Guidelines for Candidates Campaign Meetings for General Elections 2016

Campaign meetings/rallies organized by candidates contesting for Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Councils Elections are going on in various electoral areas across the country. 

The electorate is encouraged to attend the campaign meetings/rallies and listen to the various candidates so that they can make an informed choice on polling day. 

The electorate, candidates, their agents and supporters are further urged to conduct themselves in a tolerant and peaceful manner, and in accordance with the campaign guidelines that were issued for each respective elective category. 

During this campaign period, all political parties, candidates, their agents and supporters, as well as all other stakeholders, are reminded to strictly observe the following:
1.    Campaigns meetings/rallies shall be held in accordance with the harmonised campaign programmes, which were agreed upon by all Presidential Candidates and each Parliamentary Constituency and Local Government electoral area and approved by the respective Returning Officer;

2.    Candidates for Parliamentary and Local Government are reminded of the harmonisation guideline which requires them to take into consideration the campaign programme of Presidential candidates in their respective areas. 

This is because the Presidential candidates have one day to campaign in a given district/constituency.  

3.    Campaign meetings/rallies shall be conducted only within the stipulated time, that is, from 7:00am until 6:00pm on each of the campaign days. 

Candidates, their agents and supporters, Uganda Police, as well as other stakeholders must ensure that campaign meetings/rallies do not go beyond 6.00 pm;

4.    Candidates and/or their agents shall not use or publish any inciting language or defamatory words, which incite public disorder, hatred, violence or which threatens war; 

5.    A candidate shall not make statements which are false, malicious, or statements containing sectarian words, or use language that is abusive and insulting;  

6.    The Uganda Police Force is in charge of providing security during the electoral process. Political parties and candidates are not allowed to form parallel groups, for example, youth brigades and militias to provide their own security; 

7.    Candidates, their agents and supporters shall not conduct themselves in a disorderly manner for the purpose of disrupting another candidate’s campaign meeting; 

8.    Candidates, agents and their supporters are reminded that it is an offence to deface, mutilate, remove or tear any election poster of any nominated candidate; 

9.    Please note that a person who, with intent to influence another person to vote or to refrain from voting for any political party/candidate, gives or provides or causes to be given or provided any money, gift or other consideration to that other person commits the offence of bribery, and will be liable to prosecution. 

Monday, December 21, 2015