Guidelines for Polling for Formation of PWDs Committees

These guidelines shall apply to elections of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) Electoral Structures/Committees at:

  • Village/Zone/Cell;(i)         
  • Parish/Ward ;(ii)  
  • Subcounty/Town/Municipal Division;(iii)     
  • Municipality/ City Division; and (iv)
  • District/City.(v)    

Laws applicable to the Elections of PWDs Electoral Structures/Committees:

Guidelines for Issuance of Voter Location Slips


In accordance with Section 33 (1) and (2) of the Electoral Commission Act (Cap 140), the Commission shall, by notice in the Gazette, appoint a Returning Officer for each electoral district who shall take steps to inform voters as early as possible of the particular polling stations at which they are required to vote and also that the circumstances should be such as to guarantee orderly voting without confusion.

Activities of the Electoral Commission

20.JPG1. Organising, conducting and supervising various elections and referenda; 
2. Compiling, maintaining, revising and updating:
a) The National Voters’ Register on a continuous basis
b) The various registers for Special Interest Groups 
3. Producing and issuing voters’ cards;
4. Compiling and updating the various Voters’ Registers for Special Interest Groups and Administrative units;


There are nomination requirements, which have to be put into consideration. These include:

• Nomination fees for various levels of elections
• Requirements for candidates to apply for leave before nomination
• Requirement for signatures of supporters of the nomination
• Requirements for qualification of candidates(Specific levels of academic qualifications for different levels of elections)
• Guidelines, materials/ and personnel

Where and how to vote

English-newspaper-add-color.jpgYou must be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referenda and this is done by registering and you should be 18 years by the close of the update Exercise conducted by the Electoral Commission. 
Thus, when a Voters' roll for each polling station in a parish has been compiled and only persons whose names appear on the roll are entitled to vote at an election (Section 19(12) Electoral Commission Act 1997).